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www.1ppt.com/word/ 资料下载:www.1ppt.com/ziliao/ 范文下载:www.1ppt.com/fanwen/ 教案下载:www.1ppt.com/jiaoan/ 行业PPT模板:www.1ppt.com/hangye/ PPT 素材下载:www.1ppt.com/s ucai/ PPT图表下载:www.1ppt.com/t ubiao/ PPT教程

www.1ppt.com/powerpoint/ Excel 教程:www.1ppt.com/exce l/ PPT 课件下载:www.1ppt.com/ kejian/ 试卷下载:www.1ppt.com/shit i/ Unit 1 Living in Harmony Periods 7-8 Text B Friends of the Road Q1

What was the former belief of the author and his wife? Q2

What have changed their thinking? Q3

What does the author tell us about the regular bus driver? Q4

Why is teamwork far more important than knowing names in the author’s opinion? Q5

What do they usually do before the bus leaves the station? Text B Friends of the Road Q6

What do you know about the silent woman? Q7

What happened to the rotund gentle-man one morning? Q8

What was the response of the silent woman when they greeted her in the fish restaurant? Q9

What do you know about the family life of the silent woman? Q10

How did the author and his wife feel about the dinner with the silent woman? Exercise – Words in Action (P25-1) 1. bunch 2. amazed 3. shift 4. bundle 5. drop 6. capacity 7. participating 8. style 9. commerce 10. rob 11. symbol 12. appreciated 13. displayed 14. slip 15. conquer 16. roast 17. figured Exercise – Words in Action (P26-2) 1. in rich contrast to 2. are exposed to 3. risked his life 4. rely on 5. at knifepoint 6. stands out 7.runs contrary to 8. flag down 9. picks/picked up 10. took a gamble on 11. pulled away 12. pulled over Exercise – Increasing Your Word Power (P28-2) 1. Action speaks louder than words. 2. Production here needs temperatures lower than 25 degrees Celsius. 3. I like to keep things rather than throw them away. 4. There is nobody here other than me. 5. She’d rather leave her job than (be forced to) work for that boss. Exercise – Cloze (P32) 1. relying 2. intrigued 3. penny 4. for 5. covered 6. treated 7. amazed 8.contrary 9. generally 10. whatever 11. invited 12. attentive 13. where Exercise – Translation (P32) 1. The rumor about his divorce is just a ploy to gain publicity for his new film. 2. He took a gamble on starting a factory with all the money his parents had left him. 3. After winning the important game they hoisted their captain to their shoulders in shouting triumph. 4. In the rush to go for globalization, we should watch out for collision of cultures. Exercise – Translation (P32) 5. In the circumstances it was not surprising that there was trouble. 6. The baby is the very picture of health. 7. People have realized the dangers of exposing children to violence and sex on TV. 8. We always had in mind for whom we were making the film. Homework 1. Review Unit 1 2. Preview Unit 2 3. Reading Exercise Unit 1


Unit 6 How Do We Deal with the Drug Problem? Passage Three Preview Questions 1. What does the author propose to solve the drug problem? 2. Structure of the Text Part One (para. 21-22) Advantages of Legalization Part Two (para. 23-26) Rebuttal Part Three (para. 27-31) Solution Part Four (para. 32) Thesis Passage Three Language Study ? ? ? Paragraph 22 to boot (prep. phrase)

(spoken) used for emphasizing the last point in a list of comments or criticisms 他不诚实,而且胆小。

He is dishonest and coward to boot. ? Paragraph 23 minimize (v.) to make sth. seem much less important than it really is catastrophic (adj.) disastrous catastrophe (n.) disaster outweigh (vt.) to be more important, useful, or valuable than sth. else ? ? ? ? Paragraph 24 to be here to stay/ have come to stay

something is generally accepted and is part of all our lives Paragraph 25 intoxicant (n.) intoxication to be intoxicated by/ with sth. ? ? ? ? ? Paragraph 26 “First, legalization gives a social sanction.” People generally regard anything legal as a kind of public approval. sanction

(fml) official permission, approval sanctions (pl.) punishment U.S. imposed sanctions against Cuba. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? “Third, it makes them available…” Third, when drugs are legal, they can be got at a price that is equal to or even lower than when they are sold illegally. That is what legalization based on. If drugs are still sold at a high price, what is the point of making them legal? undercut (v.) to sell sth. at a lower price than at a price specified rationale (n.) the logical basis ? ? ? ? ? ? Paragraph 28 glamorous (adj.) attractive glamour (n.) glamorize (vt.) Hollywood movies tend to glamorize courageous soldiers in war. deglamorize (vt.) deglamorization Humphrey Bogart (Bogie) ? ? ? dangle (vi./vt.) to hang or swing loosely, or make sth do this Huge earrings dangled from her ears. He dangled the bone in front of the puppy. “a clear violation of free speech and a good one”

paradox ? ? ? “A relentless government campaign, … has thoroughly deglamorized cigarettes.” Finally, Hollywood stars and the rest of the entertainment business became aware of the harmful effects of tobacco smoking and their part in glamorizing it. They join in this campaign and stop creating glamorous images of a tough guy with a cigarette between his lips. ? ? ? Paragraph 30 “Nancy Reagan’s Just Say No to drugs campaign…” When Nancy Reagan started a campaign calling upon people to reject drugs, she was ridiculed. It didn’t matter how much or little achieved; what counted was that it showed that persuasion was the only approach to the drug problem that did not involve repression. non-repressive way

the way of persuasion, not by force or violence ? Paragraph 31 to crack down on sb/sth

to get tough with to be enough… to go around

to be enough so that everyone has one or some ? ? Paragraph 32 to mount a campaign /attack/ exhibition/ expedition “If you want a civilized approach…” If you want to adopt an appropriate and humane way, launch as extensive a propaganda campaign against drugs as the one that was aimed at smoking. ? ? ? to send in the Marines

(figurative) to do everything possible “And if you are just a politician looking for reelection,…” And if you are a politician seeking reelection and wishing to project a favorable image, go all out and wave your hands before the camera so that your picture will be carried in newspapers and TV. ? ? After-reading Discussion ? ? ? ? Solution I

legalization Solution II

neither legalization nor criminalization Solution III

deglamorization What do you think of the solutions and the argument in the three passages? Writing Devices ? Satire is the use of humor or exaggeration in order to show how foolish or wicked some people's behavior or ideas are. (satirize) Irony is a subtle form of humor which involves saying things that you do not mean. Sarcasm is speech or writing which actually means the opposite of what it seems to say. Sarcasm is usually intended to mock or insult someone. (sarcastic) ? ? ? e.g. moralists (para. 6) ; deep thinkers (para. 13); If you are just a politician looking for reelection, send in the Marines and wave to the cameras. (para. 32) 1. What is originality? Undetected plagiarism. –Dean William R. Inge 2. One murder makes a villain, millions a hero. –Bishop Beilby Porteus 3. A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. –Mark Twain After-class Assignment ? ? ? 1. Write a passage on the topic “How Do We Deal with the Smoking Problem in China?” in about 200 words. In China about 30% of adults are smokers which translate into about 300 million Chinese equivalent to the population of all Americans. The percentage of smokers in China has never changed a lot. Should we deal with the smoking problem in China? And how to do that? 2. Review for the mid-term examination.


Yunhe Teachers College Chapter Five Period Periods 15 &16 Translation of English Long Sentences I. Teaching contents 1. Review and comments on the assignments 2. Translation of English long sentences. 3. Summary 4. Assignments II. Aims of teaching 通过练习、讲解英语长句翻译,了解翻译长句的基本对策,能在翻译实 践中使用恰当的翻译方法。 III. Teaching Focus 英语长句的三大翻译方法

1. 顺序译法; 2. 变序译法; 3. 分句译法。 IV. Teaching procedures Step One

Review and comments on the assignments Step Two

Translation of English long sentences. 1、顺序译法 ppt. aided If you reach Chicago by train and spend only an hour or two there you will feel the light wind off the lake which gives it the name “Windy City”. 如果你乘坐火车抵达芝加哥, 即使只在那里逗留一两个小时, 你也会感 到从密歇根湖那边吹拂过来的阵阵清风,这就是芝加哥之所以叫做 “风城” 的缘故。

(定语从句作了相应的改变,译成一个补充说明的分句,放在全句 的后面) Enlightenment After walking a long way, the young man came upon a foolish man who had fasten a pair of trousers between trees and who was jumping with all his might high up in the air and trying to hit the two legs of them as he came down. 这个年轻人走了很远的路之后碰上了一个愚蠢的人, 这个人把一条裤子 系在两棵树之间, 正在尽全身力气向上跳, 想在落下来时两条腿正好套进两 只裤脚里去。 1 Yunhe Teachers College It was the moment I ceased being a child, when I began to have an adult’s awareness of the pain and tragedy in life. 从那一刻起我不再是一个小孩,我开始有了成年人的意识,能意识到 人生的伤痛与灾难。

2、变序译法 a.改变定语语序。

教法提示 The battle-scarred old communists who once made stormy revolution unfurled a passionate blueprint today for a modern, peaceful and prosperous China. 曾进行暴风骤雨般革命的、 身上有战争伤疤的老共产党人, 今天展示了 一幅建设一个和平、繁荣的现代中国的充满热情的蓝图。

ppt. aided However, even the president Tacqueville, who predicted 150 years ago that the United States and Russia would emerge as two great contending world powers could not have foreseen that the nation that potentially could decide the world balance of power in the last decades of the twentieth century, and that could become the most powerful nation on earth during the twenty-first century, would be China. 然而, 即使是 150 年前曾预言过美国和俄国将成为互相争夺的两个世界 大国的托克维尔总统,也未能预见到 20 世纪最后几十年具有决定世界均势 潜力并能成为 21 世纪地球上最强大的国家,将是中国。

(虽然定语很长,但 层次是清楚的,清晰可读。

) 150 年前, 托克维尔总统曾预言过美国和俄国将成为互相争夺的两个世 界大国;然而他却未能预见到 20 世纪最后几十年具有决定世界均势潜力并 能成为 21 世纪地球上最强大的国家,将是中国。

ppt. aided Congress has made laws requiring most pressure group to give information about how much they spend and how they spend it, the amount and sources of fund, membership, and names and salaries of their representatives. 国会已制定法律, 要求大部分压力集团呈报他们花费了多少钱, 怎样花 的,以及款项的总额和来源、成员人数、代表的姓名和薪金等情况。 b.改变状语语序。 If a balloon could be made large enough, he speculated, then maybe a nonstop flight could be made to Europe. 2 Yunhe Teachers College 他推测,如果能制造一个很大的气球,也许能够中途不挺地飞到欧洲。

教法提示 Solutions of the problem of old age have to be considered against a historical back-ground of slow but substantial changes in Chinese family structure, caused by rising living standards and family Enlightening planning. 由于人民生活水平的不断提高以及计划生育, 中国的家庭结构发生着缓 慢却又具有实质性的变化, 必须根据这一历史背景考虑人到老年的问题。

(这 个 长 句 是 个简 单 句 ,句中 由 介 词 against 引 起 的状 语 短 语 极长 , 其中 background 后面又套了一个由介词 of 构成的定语,而 of 的宾语 changes 后 又接由过去分词 caused 引起的定语说明原因。按照汉语先说原因后说结果, 先叙述事实后表明见解的习惯,翻译时需倒译。

) The era of blatant discrimination ended in the 1960s through the courageous actions of thousands of blacks participating in peaceful marches and sit-ins, to force Southern states to implement the Federal desegregation laws in schools and public accommodation. 六十年代, 千千万万的黑人参加了和平游行示威和静坐, 他们的勇敢行 动迫使南方各州执行联邦政府关于在学校和公共场所所废除种族隔离的法 律,从而结束了公然歧视黑人的时代。

(这个长句中有两个内容,一是黑人 的种种斗争, 二是斗争的结果——一个歧视黑人时代的结束。

按照汉语的表 达习惯,先在事实说出,后说结果。

) Such is human nature in the West that a great many people are often wiling to sacrifice higher pay for the privilege of becoming white Discussion collar workers. (先译主语从句,后译主句。

)许多人常常宁愿牺牲比较高的工资以换 取成为白领工人的社会地位,这在西方则是人之常情。 What the New Yorker would find missing is what many outsiders find oppressive and distasteful about New York—its rawness, tension, urgency; its bracing competitiveness; the rigor of its judgments; and the congested, democratic presence of so many other New Yorkers encased in their own world. 纽约的粗犷、紧张、那种紧迫感和催人奋发的竞争性;它的是非观念之 严酷无情; 纽约市的那种各色人等熙熙攘攘, 兼容并蓄于各自的天地之中的 格局,这一切都使那些非纽约人感到厌恶和窒息;而这一切,又正是纽约人 所眷恋的。

Group work 3 Yunhe Teachers College 3、分句译法 A man may usually be known by the books he reads as well as by the company he keeps; for there is a companionship of books as well as of men; and one should always live in the best company, whether it be of books or of men. 我们往往可以从一个人所交往的朋友以及所阅读的书去看他的为人。

这 是因为人与人之间有友谊,/。同样的,人与书也有友谊。人应该经常生活 在与最好的书以及最好的人的交谊中。

(各个部分关系松散,在结构形式上 也只能用分号连接。汉语分成三句,意思同样清楚。

) (顺序拆译) 教法提示 Enlightening But if you put down a book you don’t like and try another till you find one that means something to you, and then relax with it, you will almost certainly have a good time—and if you become as a result of reading, better, wiser, kinder or more gentle, you won’t have suffered during the process. 但如果你把自己感到没劲的书放下换别的, 直到发现一本你认为有意思 的书,然后轻松地读下去,那么几乎可以肯定你会感到很快活的。假若你能 由此而变得更聪明有为、 更和蔼温厚, 那么阅读本身就不会是一种苦差事了。

(两个 if 是平行的,合在一起非常长,汉语中分开来,意思更加清楚。若 把两句之间的句号换成分号或破折号,反倒使句子读起来累赘。

) He felt that books and the knowledge in them were part of a world that was against him, a world to which he did not belong and which he did not want to enter, the world of which the hateful teachers were representatives and symbols. 他觉得书本和书本知识,是和他敌对的那个世界的一部分。他不属于、 也不想进入那个世界,而那些可恨的老师就那个世界的象征和代表。

Group work Then they went to the southern part of the island, but found it rocky and covered with bushes, growing so thickly that it was not easy to push one’s way through. 然后他们去了岛的南部,但是却发现那 儿岩石很多,长满灌木。灌木密密丛丛,很难穿过。 Step Three Practice Translate the following long sentences. 1. We received the trophy from the hands of the President of the Republic of Mexico, Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, and we gave an Olympic march around the huge stadium, with the confetti and streamers falling 4 Yunhe Teachers College like snow and with the constant beat of a samba band mixing with the 教法提示 most enthusiastic ovation I can remember. 我们从墨西哥共和国总统克斯达沃?迪亚斯?奥尔达斯的手中接过了奖 杯, 然后在巨大的体育场内饶场一周。


Enli作文ghtening 桑巴乐队的音乐同欢呼声响成一片——这是我记忆中最热烈的欢呼声。

(状 语由 with 带出一个分词的主谓结构所构成,相当于一个从句。它叙述了运 动员饶场一周时的热烈场面。

由于长度过大, 翻译成汉语时分出了两个独立 的句子。

) Discussion 2. But without Adolf Hitler, who was possessed of a demoniac personality, a granite will, uncanny instincts, a cold ruthlessness, a remarkable intellect, a soaring imagination and—until toward the end, Research when drunk with power and success, be overreached himself—an amazing capacity to size up people and situations, there almost certainly would never have been a Third Reich. 然而,如果没有阿道夫?希特勒,那就几乎可以肯定不会有第三帝国。

这是因为阿道夫?希特勒有着魔鬼般的性格、花岗石般的意志、异乎寻常的 本能、冷酷无情的心肠、杰出/非凡的智力、深远/高超的想象力以及对人和 局势惊人的判断力。只是到了最后,由于权利和胜利冲昏了头脑,他才失去 判断力而作出了不自量力的事,从而招致了失败。/这种判断力最后由于权 利和胜利冲昏了头脑而自不量力,终于弄巧成拙。

on the students’ assignments for problems and solutions Step Four

Reference Books. 1. 外语专业教学与测试研究中心编写 英语专业八级英汉汉英互译 上海:世界图书出版公司,2008 2. 陈秋劲编著. 英汉互译理论与实践(第一版). 湖北:武汉大学出 版社,2005. 3. 范仲英编著. 实用翻译教程(第一版). 北京:外语教学与研究出 版社,2005 Step Six

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